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Watching movies are the most common ways to keep oneself entertained and stress-free. Most of the time, due to our busy schedule or some other reasons, we are unable to go to movie theatres and regret missing some blockbusters. In this scenario, you need a portable way to carry entertainment with you. 123movies is such a great option that can fulfil your need for entertainment.

In simple words, 1234movies is a perfect solution for watching unlimited latest movies on your smart devices. This is a movie streaming site where you can watch all the latest and classic films of every genre you wish. Unlike other movie streaming sites, the best thing about this website is that you don’t have to pay any subscription or charges. 

This website is a complete package of free entertainment built for all the movie lovers like you. Here I will discuss all the features and details and some tips to make your movie-watching experience seamless.

Best Features of 123movies or 1234 movies

There are plenty of features that make this website worth recommending. I have personally experienced the same and below I have mentioned a few.

Simple user interface: When you first access any new website, you might take some time to understand the overall layout. But, 123 movies has simple navigation with a search box in the middle. The search box helps you to type and find the best movies easily and quickly.

Availability of TV Shows: If you are a TV series lover, they also have a huge collection of TV shows and series that you can watch for free. From all the latest to classic, they have anything as per your wish.

Collection of movies: If you click on the “Use the old Movies? Click here” button below the search box, you will be redirected to their homepage. There you can see plenty of categories available filled with the best movies and TV shows. They have different categories like trending, most viewed, and top IMDb, where you can quickly click and find the best ones.

The collection of TV series and shows: Like Movies, they have various categories like the latest TV series and the latest episodes available to watch a show or series.

Regular updates: This is the essential feature which any movie or TV streaming site should have. On the 123movies website, there is one active team that regularly add and update their database with the latest movies and TV shows, and episodes.

Completely Free of cost: There are many other big websites or apps for movie streaming, but one common thing is that they have a subscription system that you need to pay to continue watching. But in the case of 1234 movies, you don’t have to pay anything for a lifetime. This is a top-notch feature that must be appreciated.

Huge menu selection options: When you click on the Genres option on the top menu, you can see a large expanded menu with categories like Action & Adventure, Comedy, Action, Animation, Comedy, Crime, and much more.

HD quality streaming: Surprisingly, they provide movies and TV shows in high definition for a better and more original experience. Apart from this, they have multi-server support, which means if any servers have issues, you can choose another stream.

Multi-device support: On 123movie, stream and enjoy movies or TV shows on any of your smart devices. It doesn’t matter if you own a laptop, desktop PC, smartphone, or tablet; You can enjoy anywhere and anytime you want for free.

How to stream movies and TV shows on 123 movies:

So, now you have a clear idea about what makes the website better than any other alternatives. After browsing different movies and TV shows, if you are now determined to watch any specific show, below, I have mentioned the steps to watch movies on 1234movie.

  • Go to the homepage, search and find the movie or TV show and click on the thumbnail or the blue stream button below.
  • Once you click on the show, a new page will open with a big play button. It will redirect you to a new tab, close that tab comes back to the previous page. 
  • Below there, you can see two options named Server HD and Gomo, along with a Play button on the right side. Click on the play button, which is placed near the Gomo option. 
  • You will see a video player loading your movie or TV show, and start playing after few seconds.

I can understand it might be a little tricky to play a video here, but you can do it in few seconds and enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows anytime. Before playing any movie or TV show, you can see details like genre, cast, director, country, duration, quality, release year, and IMDb rating below the video player. 

Even you can watch the trailer before playing to make sure you are watching something good only. Depending on your choice of movies, they will suggest some similar movies on the bottom section, which you can check out.

Some additional tips:

Undoubtedly, 1234 movie is an excellent portal for streaming movies and TV shows, but you should be careful with some issues which you might face. Below I have mentioned a few:

Do not click on the blue “Stream in HD” and “Download in HD” buttons on the video player page. These are ads that will redirect you to some other unnecessary page.

Use a free or paid VPN if this website is restricted or blocked in your country for any reason.

Use a free pop-up blocker extension for Chrome or Firefox to avoid unnecessary ads and pop-ups.

They don’t have any working download option, so do not try to download anything from here; just stream and enjoy for free.

hope you have now found the best solution to watch movies and TV shows for free. 123 movies offers all the essential features that a streaming website must have. After using this platform couple of times, you will be familiar with functions and playback features. In terms of cons, there are not much there except the ads and occasional pop-up issues.