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Three young friends in Goa plan to search an old villa for ghosts, but when a new family moves in, the home's buried past resurfaces in chilling ways.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Typewriter
"Years after an author dies in Bardez Villa, three kids plan to find the ghost they believe lives there, but are disrupted when a new family moves in."
"A sudden death prompts the Ghost Gang to hatch a dicey scheme. Jenny tries to learn more about a figure from her past. Amit pays some disturbing visits."
"Sam makes a damning accusation. Ravi contemplates Jenny\u2019s link to recent deaths. In 1950s Sultanpore, a mother displays unnatural powers."
"A flashback to the 1980s reveals the Fakeer's sinister actions. Jenny and Sam each learn surprising details about his connection to Madhav Mathews."
"Jenny and Sam's investigation into the Fakeer and the typewriter turns dangerous. As the blood moon rises, the Ghost Gang faces its ultimate challenge."